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(800) 987-7472

730 Main St, Wilmington, Massachusetts   1887 , USA

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General Info:

Manufactures plastics materials & resins Coal production services, Plastics or resins or fibers manufacturing services, Petroleum refining services, Natural gas production services, Oils or greases production services, Petrochemical and plastic production

Products & Services:

  • Plastics Material & Resins

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Sitemap Corporate Sitemap About Us Locations Parent Company Affiliates Products Adhesive Resins ADMER Adhesive Resin TAKELAC Polyurethane Adhesive Agrochemicals Dinotefuran... Insecticide Trebon Insecticide Electronic Materials APEL Cyclo Olefin Copolymer (COC) ICROS Tape Pellicle Specialty Gases TPX Film Opulent Fine & Performance Chemicals Aliphatic Diamines... Aromatic Ether Diamines Aromatic Phenols Aromatic Sulfone Diamines Carbonate Derivatives Chain Extender for Polyurethane Epoxy Resins Liquid Aromatic Diamines NBDA (Norbornane...
. Mitsui Chemicals is a leading manufacturer and supplier of value added specialty chemicals, plastics and materials for the automotive, healthcare, packaging, agricultural, building..., and semiconductor and electronics markets. Combining advanced technologies and processing methods, we deliver high performance materials to you for use in the development... of medications, packaging materials, automotive components, building materials and electronic parts and accessories. Read More News Releases 05/22/2013 Groundbreaking Ceremony for New...
qualities make it ideal for use as a performance additive in coatings, plastics, rubbers, and other materials. The addition of MIPELON to engineering plastics including POM and PA... and resins such as polyacetal or nylon, the material provides: Improved lubrication Enhanced abrasion resistance Better impact strength and chemical resistance When mixed with fillers... to enhance the lubricity as an additive for compounding of rubbers and engineering plastics as well as work as a key-element for coatings. Additionally, MIPELON is environmentally...
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