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5835 Shugart Ln. Traverse City, Michigan   49684 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Manufacturer Of Faraday Rotators/isolators & Photo Detectors Including 1.0 Micrometer Free Space & Fiber Pigtailed Polarization Insensitive Isolators
  • 500-1030 Nanometer Wavelength Tunable Rotators More... & Isolators
  • 1030-1080 Micrometer High Power Free Space Rotators & Isolators
  • 1050-1080 Nanometer Low Power Free Space Isolators
  • Broadband Rotators & Isolators & Custom Faraday Rotators & Isolators Such As Rotators For 50 W Average Power
  • Fiber Pigtailed Isolators & Free Space Polarization Insensitive Isolators. Models Available For High Power 1.0 Micrometer Lasers
  • Both Polarization Dependent & Independent. Rapid Prototyping Is Also Available. Amplified Detectors With More Than 20db Gain & Detectors With Both Analog & Ttl Output. All Detectors Come With Built In Bias Supply Consisting Of 3v Lithium Cells Or External Wall Plug In Power Supplies.

Web Site Results

Faraday Rotators and Isolators 1010-1045nm High Power 1045-1080nm High Power Broadband (Ti:Sapphire) 500-1030nm Wavelength Tunable 1050-1080nm Low Power Rotators and Isolators Fiber Laser Free Space PI Isolators Photodetectors <2GHz Biased Silicon <2GHz Biased InGaAs <2GHz Amplified TTL &am...
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