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(508) 481-3449

181 Liberty St Marlborough, Massachusetts   01752 , USA

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General Info:

Omtec ergonomic transfers make moving, turning and firmly positioning items easier and less strenuous for the worker. Put Omtec's extensive field experiences to work for you.

Products & Services:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Ball Transfer Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Conveyors - Assembly Line
  • Conveyors - Ball Transfer
  • Conveyors - Material Handling
  • Electronic Production Line Equipment
  • Electronic Workbenches
  • Ergonomic Lift Tables
  • Flange Mount Ball Transfers
  • Handles - Retractable
  • Industrial Equipment Suppliers
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesalers
  • Lifts - Material Handling
  • Material Handling Air Tables
  • Material Handling Equipment - Pneumatic
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Material Handling - Pneumatic
  • Mounting Flanges
  • Pipe Mount Ball Transfers
  • Scissor Lifts - Air Cart
  • Scissor Lifts - Ergonomic
  • Scissor Lifts - Portable Table
  • Spring Mount Ball Transfers
  • Tables - Assembly
  • Transfers - Ball

Web Site Results

Videos Contact Us Conveyor Roller Workstation with PBT Ball Transfer and PPD Positioner Strips Use for production line or assembly line where items start out as a chassis or frame... progressive assembly lines or production lines in modular roller conveyor. Strips are modular in design to fit virtually all gravity roller, power roller and industrial roller... and hold the item in a stabile position while the required assembly line task is performed. Retro fit your existing industrial conveyor system with these unique conveyor components...
transfer table conveyor line workstation PBT Ball Transfer Table, Conveyor Line Industrial Workstation for production line or assembly line, use where items start out as a chassis... position items in a stable location so the item won't move around while a task is performed on it. Convert new or existing roller conveyors into a... Production Assembly Line using... and non-powered roller conveyor systems. Use Omtec Conveyor Insert Surfaces to create a progressive assembly line with existing or new conveyor. Virtually any roller conveyor may...
Worksheets Videos Contact Us Conveyor line transfers using Pop Up Ball Transfer Strips Ideal for conveyor transfer on production distribution, assembly, packing and shipping lines...OMTEC Ergonomic Transfers - Conveyor line transfers using pop... Ball Transfers Omtec PBT Ball Transfer Strips are used when conveyor lines converge and packages must transfer... between conveyors or workbenches. Transfer, shift, rotate, and turning loads on a conveyor line is done easily using the Omtec PBT Ball Transfer. Omtec Ball Transfers mean minimum...
pad conveyor workstation PPD positioner pad conveyor workstation PBT ball transfer table conveyor line workstation F1 conveyor table Omtec's Flange Mount Ball Transfer is ideal... for use on... Conveyor Ball Transfer Tables Conveyor Workstations Inspection Stations Packing & Shipping Stations. Progressive Assembly LinesPacking LinesProduction LinesConveyor... LinesAssembly Lines and Work Cells, are the primary areasof use for OmtecBall Transfer Tables. Omtec FBT ball transfer tables may be literally any length or conveyor width. Click image...
strips (2-1 Index) Assembly line production roller conveyor workstation (3-1 Index) Ball Transfer table and other ergonomic workbench tops (4-1 Index) Ball transfer and other ergonomic... one of the many unique Omtec material handling solutions for workbench, ergonomic scissor lift, machine, production and progressive assembly line applications. Omtec ergonomic... strips (1-1 index) PPD positioner pad PBT ball transfer strips Pop up ball transfer & pad strips Pop up positioner pad strips Conveyor line transfer using pop up ball transfer...
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