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Website Snapshot of Consumer Credit Counseling Svc


(336) 896-1191

8064 N Point Blvd, Winston Salem, North Carolina   27106 , USA

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General Info:

Financial Pathways of the Piedmont

Products & Services:

  • Agricultural Program Regulation Offices
  • Government - Food Inspection Agency
  • Consultants - Financial
  • Consulting Service - Financial Management
  • Debt Counseling Or Adjustment Services - Individuals
  • Educational Program Administration
  • Government - County
  • Educational Program Administration
  • Government - Education Office
  • Nonoperating
  • Educational Program Administration
  • Government - Education Statistics Center
  • Educational Program Administration
  • Government - State Education Department
  • Government
  • Executive Offices - County Supervisors' & Executives' Office
  • Housing Program Administration
  • Government - Housing Agency
  • Organizations - Educational Research Agency

Web Site Results

Carolina housing counseling agencies to be awarded grant money from the North Carolina Attorney General s (AG) initiative under the National Mortgage Settlement (a pool of $13 million... being managed by the N.C. Housing Finance Agency). This generous support will help us maintain and expand our agency s capacity to provide free help to homebuyers and homeowners... of the Piedmont (formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Forsyth County) is an independent nonprofit agency that has served the greater Winston Salem area for more than...
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