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(513) 755-9010

8200 Paddington Ct, Westchester, Ohio   45069 , USA

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General Info:

Vietnam sourced electronic assemblies and injection molded parts; Castings and forgings sourced from China, India, and Vietnam. ISO/TS certified.

Products & Services:

  • Aluminum Fabricating Services
  • Aluminum Fabricating Services - Curved
  • Aluminum Fabricators
  • Aluminum - Fabricated
  • Castings
  • Castings - Alloy Steel
  • Castings - Austempered Ductile Iron
  • Castings - Automotive
  • Castings - Construction Machinery
  • Castings - Corrosion Resistant
  • Castings - Crusher
  • Castings - Ductile
  • Castings - Ductile Iron
  • Castings - Gray Iron
  • Castings - Heavy Or Large
  • Castings - High Alloy Steel
  • Castings - Investment
  • Castings - Iron
  • Castings - Low Alloy Steel
  • Castings - Machined
  • Castings - Machinery
  • Castings - Nodular Iron
  • Castings - Permanent Mold
  • Castings - Permanent Mold
  • Graphite
  • Castings - Stainless Steel
  • Medical Assemblies

Web Site Results

- all alloys|White iron|Austempered ductile iron|Aluminum|Stainless steel|Copper|Zinc||ASTM grades: A27, A48, A148, A216, A319, A352, A487, A532, A536 Casting Equipment...Castings & Forgings Contact Us Today! 513.755.9010 info@offshoreparts.com HomeAbout UsContact Us Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Die Casting, Permanent Mold, Lost Foam... & ForgingsRequest InformationOffshore Technologies represents a U.S. company that specializes in providing a wide range of castings and forgings sourced throughout the world including China...
to several thousands of pounds. Materials include low and high alloy steels, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, gray iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron, as well... as a medium to high volume molding process, MIM parts are made in a variety of materials including low and high alloy steels and stainless steels...> More information...Electric... including metal fabricating, weldments, stampings, CNC machining, welding services, and assembly using a variety of materials including low and high alloy steels, stainless steel...
Thickness Range0.5 to 6 mmMaterialStainless steels: SS 316, SS 304, SS420, SS440 A, B & C, Duplex SS 316, 17-4PH, 17-7PH Low Alloy steels: 4650, 4140, 4600, and 8620 Magnetic... Alloys Tool Steels like M-2 and S-7 Wear resistant materials including 52100 and Tribaloy Other materials including Kovar, Invar, and Tungsten AlloysTolerancesTypical tolerances... strength or performance requirementsMaterial Properties (Reference Only)Case Hardened SteelsMaterials(Alloy Composition)ConditionUTS (MPa)YS-0.2% (MPa)Elongation %HardnessDensity (min...
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