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(800) 998-4882

4220 Duluth Avenue, Rocklin, California   95677 , USA

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General Info:

| Buy Air Compressor, compressor, compressors, air compressor parts, vacuum pumps, custom design and installation

Products & Services:

  • Distributor Of Air Compressors Including Screw Compressors
  • Reciprocating Air Compressors & Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors. Compressors Are Available Ranging In Power From 5 To 500 Hp. Options More... Include Variable Speed Drive (vsd) Compressors
  • Single Stage
  • Double Stage
  • Control Systems
  • Vibration Isolators
  • Motors
  • Engines As Well As Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Base Mount & Tanked Mounted Design. Also Distributor Of Replacement Parts Including Ball Valves
  • Pipes
  • Separators
  • Air Receivers
  • Air Purifiers
  • Hose
  • Pressure Gages
  • Dryers & Filters. Rentals & Used Compressors Are Also Available. Repair
  • Maintenance & Training Services.

Web Site Results

the hose, the less water pressure at the end. It works the same with air. The pressure loss between the compressor and the end user tool comes from friction in the pipe. The... smaller the pipe, the greater the friction, and the longer the pipe, the greater the friction. If you have both of these issues in the same systemsyou may have substantial pressure... drops. Reduce the friction and restrictions. Pressure loss is caused by the friction of the air mass flowing on the side walls of the pipe or hose. The larger the pipe, the more air...
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