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(931) 381-3322

126 Old Bear Creek Pike Ste103a, Columbia, Tennessee   38401 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Coating Systems
  • Coatings - Vacuum Deposition
  • Control Systems
  • Control Systems & Equipment
  • Control Systems - Custom
  • Controls - Vacuum
  • Custom Control Systems
  • Electrical Goods
  • Wholesale - Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Electrical Goods
  • Wholesale - Intercommunication Equipment
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Plc Controlled Mixing Systems
  • Process Control Equipment
  • Process Control Systems
  • Process Systems
  • Specialty Vacuum Systems
  • Statistical Process Control Systems
  • Vacuum Deposition Equipment
  • Vacuum Deposition Services
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Vacuum Systems - Custom
  • Vacuum Systems - Fume Control
  • Vacuum Systems - Fume Control
  • Central
  • Vacuum Systems - Industrial

Web Site Results

system control technology
System Control Technology System Control TechnologyCustom FeaturesAll of SCTs systems are built to customer specifications, making each system unique. Our engineering department... can make any desired modifications to the basic design so that we can provide you with a fully documented custom system tailored to your specific requirements.As a company... into ours.Parts & ServiceExpert domestic or international field service and installation is available. Contact us for custom solutions to your specific process needs. We stock a large...
CHA Mark 50
standard system may be upgraded to the 601 Lid Lok version with a retrofit at a later date as your process requirements change.System Control TechnologyTel: 925-373-9730 Fax: 925-373-9574 322 Lindbergh Avenue Livermore, CA 94550 ...CVC 601 Sputter System CVC 601Refurbished Sputter SystemProcess VersatilityWith the CVC 601 series Sputter System there are up to 8 process stations with up to 9 process modes... the system as often as your process requires and still maintain production schedules.6" Wafer Handling CapabilityChangeover from 2" to 3", 4", 5", 6" diameter substrates or even...
vacuum system upgrade
foreign matter permits system installation in less rigidly controlled environments.Process Control UpgradeSCT integrates GE Fanuc as the system software interface for PLC. In addition... to the process controller, the built in control console houses source power supplies, thickness and rate monitors, tape reader, dual ion-gauge switch, dual thermocouple gauge...CHA Mark 50 CHA Mark 50Vacuum SystemThis Mark 50 system is upgraded by vertically mounting a VAT high vacuum valve to the chamber for direct cryopump access. Its vertical sealing...
, auto valve sequence controller, diffusion pump. CTI Cryogenic pump optional.CPA 9900Multi-target In-line sputtering system. Dual load-lock, RF/DC process, substrate heat.CVC... 601Multi-target sputtering system. Load-lock chamber pumped with CTI-100 turbo pump, process chamber pumped with CTI-8 cryogenic pump, RF/DC process, substrate heat and etch.MRC... 822Sputtersphere. Four target sputtering system, load-lock, diffusion pump, RF/DC process, substrate heat.MRC 8667Three target sputter systemMRC 902Two target in-line sputter system...
Temescal BJD 1800
.Automatic Process ControlIndustrial PLC process control can be incorporated into the BJD 1800. The operator then loads the substrates, pushes the start button, and allows the system... to run the process automatically.System Control TechnologyTel: 925-373-9730 Fax: 925-373-9574 322 Lindbergh Avenue Livermore, CA 94550...Temescal BJD 1800 Temescal BJD 1800Manual Load Batch SystemVES 2550Vacuum System PerformanceThe Temescal BJD 1800 vacuum system pumps down from atmosphere into the 10-7 range...
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