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(415) 648-6808

1684 Hudson Ave. San Francisco, California   94124 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Manufacturer & Design Of Laboratory Equipment Including Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Units
  • Human Genome Combs
  • Vertical Sequencing Electrophoresis Units
  • Adjustable Dna/rna Electrophoresis Units
  • More... Dna Eletroeluters
  • Enzyme Freezer Safes
  • Freezer Racks
  • Lab Supply Dispensers
  • Pipette Stands & Racks. Also Available Are Protein Separation Units
  • Safety Lids
  • Gel Drying Frames
  • Casting Stands & Accessories
  • Gaskets
  • Spacers
  • Combs. Acrylic Laboratory Equipment. Radiation Shielding. Customize Any Product
  • Redesign Existing Products & Building New Equipment To Customer Specifications.

Web Site Results

* 1 each T-fitting & union fitting for vinyl tubing * Felt backing for CO2 Pad attached & black acrylic for microscope viewing HUMAN GENOME COMBS Catalog # Description Cost each... PVC-HG-13-1.5 Comb w/attached 1.5 PVC bridge* (does not load every other well) $35.00 PVC-HG-26-1.5 Comb w/attached 1.5 PVC bridge* $35.00 PVC-HG-25-1.5 Comb w/attached 1.5 PVC... bridge* $35.00 * Comb attached with 1.5mm PVC bridge fits into the 3mm ID notches on the tray and the comb height leaves a 2mm thickness for the bottom of each well. This will allow...
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