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3r Green St., Woburn, Massachusetts   01801 , USA

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General Info:

CDI compressed air meters easy to install and easy to use. Meters are individually sized and calibrated for steel, copper, and aluminum pipes. Standard features include 4-20 mA and pulse outputs. Various custom calibrations, remote displays, data logging and monitoring options are also available. Determine where your compressed air is going and prioritize energy savings.

Products & Services:

  • Compressed Air Flow Meter
  • Compressed Air Flowmeter
  • Compressed Air Flow Meters
  • Compressed Air Flowmeters
  • Compressed Air Audit
  • Air Audit
  • Energy Audit
  • Compressed Air Monitoring
  • Compressed Air Leak
  • Compressed Air Leaks
  • Compressed Air Leakage
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter
  • Thermal Mass Flowmeter
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meters
  • Thermal Mass Flowmeters
  • Compressed Nitrogen Flow Meter
  • Compressed Nitrogen Flowmeter
  • Compressed Nitrogen Flow Meters
  • Compressed Nitrogen Flowmeters
  • Pneumatic Flow Meter
  • Pneumatic Flowmeter
  • Pneumatic Flow Meters
  • Pneumatic Flowmeters
  • Compressed Air
  • Compressed Nitrogen
  • Cdi
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