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(216) 281-8585

9627 Clinton Rd, Cleveland, Ohio   44144 , USA

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  • Tubing - Plastic Pipe
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Web Site Results

All Conduit Sizes Up to 6 All Conduit Sizes Up To 6'' EZ-6 " To 6" PVC Pipe Bender6300 WATTS, 230 V AC,28 AmpThe EZ-6 heats conduit quickly and evenly with infrared energy... for maximum reflectivity of infrared energy for a faster bend.Model No. EZ-6- Manual (Price: $1055.00) EZ- 6P " To 6" "Powerdrive" PVC Pipe Bender with ARS-46 Adjustable Roller Stand6300... free the operator from having to spend time manually turning the PVC pipe. When a long piece of pipe is projecting stick out of the unit. The (adjustable roller stand) (ARS-46 which...
large unit. One unit is an EZ - 8P "Powerdrive" PVC Bender with ARS-46 Adjustable Roller Stand, and one (1) set of 8" Bending Plugs. This unit will spin the plugged pipe for you... to help achieve even heat around the circumference of the pipe for smoother bends. When you are not bending 8" conduit , use this bender to bend 2", 4'', or 6'' PVC on the job site... with the "Powerdrive" section. When it's not being used to bend 8" PVC, it can easily function to heat 2'', 4'', or 6'' PVC pipe or all sizes in between. For more information on the unit...
bendguid.jpg (282512 bytes)
or size pipe are difficult to achieve and may require controlled manufacturing conditions. EZ BEND PVC Benders can easily and quickly make field bends, sweeps, and offsets.The correct... be applied when using an EZ BEND PVC Bender: Allow approximately 30 seconds time for each of pipe diameter in order to reach proper forming temperature. ( Diameter = 30 seconds, 2... for half sizes and for bell-end pipe. Bends tighter than four (4) times the diameter of the pipe equaling the inside radius of the bend (4 X Dia = Inside Radius) are difficult...
All Conduit Sizes up to 4 All Conduit Sizes Up To 4''EZ- 4 " To 4" Manual PVC Pipe Bender 2400 WATTS, 120 V AC, 20 AMPThis portable unit easily rolls to the job Site on 6" rubber... wheels and features a bright red indicator light alerting you that the unit is "on". This unit will heat the majority of rigid, non-metallic PVC pipe sizes (up to 4'') for quick..." "Powerdrive" PVC Pipe Bender with an ARS-46Adjustable Roller Stand2400 WATTS, 120 V AC, 20 AMPThe EZ-4P offers all the features of the EZ-4, with the "Powerdrive" advantage...
All Conduit Sizes Up To 2 All Conduit Sizes Up To 2"EZ- 2 " to 2" PVC Pipe Bender1700 Watts, 115 V AC, 15 AmpPlug in, heat, rotate, bend, and glue: That is how quick and easy... construction site and constant use. We guarantee all our PVC Benders with a THREE (3) YEAR WARRANT.Model No. EZ-2- infrared (Price: $375.00)EZ- 2X " to 2" PVC Pipe Induction Bender...
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