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(908) 963-1460

P.o. Box 76, Oakhurst, New Jersey   07755 , USA

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General Info:

Custom design and manufacture of Industrial Electric heating equipment

Products & Services:

  • Manufacturer & Designer Of Industrial Electric Heating Equipment & Wax & Soft Metal Melting Systems. Products Include Tanks
  • Pots
  • Electric & Gas Ovens
  • Heaters
  • Hot Plates
  • Vulcanizers More... & Reheat Coils. Types Of Heaters Include Process
  • Immersion
  • Band
  • Finned Tubular Duct & Biodiesel Heaters. Services Include Designing
  • AutocadŽ Drafting & Documentation
  • Testing & Consulting. 24 Hour Services Are Also Available.

Web Site Results

, but is not limited to; heated dispensing valves, agitation and constant level. Special Hot Oil Units also available on a custom fabricated bases. SOLDER MELTING POTS Complete line... of solder melting pots and wave solder pots. Standard MP & RAP series of 1 to 500 pound capacity units are perfect for melting; solder, pewter,Zinc, Lead and Tin. Standard units poerate... from 200 - 8500 F. AXP series pots poerate up to 10000 F. Custom solder melting ots and wave soldering pots available upon request. ...
Heaters Replacement Parts Biodiesel Heaters Need Information Wax Melting Tanks Solder Melting Tanks Babbit Tanks Large Wax Melting Tanks DESCRIPTION Waage Engineering Dip coating pots... cu.in. to 864 cu.in and can be made to any size- the green one shown is 8' long by 3' wide by 5 ft tall. APPLICATION Waage dip Coating Pots and Tanks have won wide acceptance among...
Custom design and manufacture of Industrial Electric heating equipment
Melting Pots Lead & Babbit Melting PotsMilitary Spec Soldering PotsPewter Melting PotsWave Solder PotsHot PlatesVulcanizersExtruding OvensHVAC Duct HeatersAir Process Reheat CoilsFinned...
, etc. In the meat packing business for dipping knives to increase the meat cutter's efficiency. In the office to boil that pot of water for the coffee break. URN TYPE HEATERS More...
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