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(562) 234-8093

3607 Delta Ave, Long Beach, California   90810 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Computer Monitors & Displays - Lcd
  • Computer Peripheral Equipment
  • Nec
  • Computers
  • Computers
  • Nec
  • Wholesale
  • Computers - Micro
  • Computers - Notebook
  • Computers - Ruggedized
  • Displays - Flat Panel
  • Keyboards - Ruggedized
  • Lcd Displays - Military
  • Lcd Monitors - Military Grade
  • Lcd Monitors - Ruggedized
  • Monitors - Computer
  • Monitors - Military
  • Monitors - Workstation
  • Ruggedized Flat Panel Displays
  • Workstations - Computer

Web Site Results

RM LCD Spec.
different requirement. These LCD are housed in a ruggedized enclosure and protected by a 2mm impact resistance glass. Advanced Video Conversion Board Every RM LCD monitor has...19" industrial rackmount LCD monitor, high resolution, wide format... Industrial rackmount LCD monitor The RM LCD monitors are rugged industrial flat panel monitors engineered... an advanced smart image-processing board built inside the enclosure. The smart-chip on this board allows the RM digital LCD monitors to interface with standard analog VGA video signal...
. The DKM utilizing only 1U or 2U of rack space that combined keyboard, LCD monitor and even TV Tuner (Optional) in a rugged rackmount drawer. NEW! New short depth design: - Depth...We offer portable, transportable and field service ruggedized... Dear customers, we have recently moved to our new office. Please update the new contact information listed here... into a extremely ruggedized all-aluminum laptop-style chassis. Headquarter California, USA German Agent Scheyern, Germany UK Agent Oxfordshire, England home | portable | industrial | sales...
. The system's integrated LCD offers a high-resolution flicker-free visual environment that rivals tradition CRT monitors. The Prism-N9 has the capability to adapt a ATX motherboard...Trans2000 portable, transportable and field service ruggedized... The SPARK-S9 portable computer is the ideal solution for applications such as portable servers, network...-aluminum and LCD that offers a high-resolution flicker-free visual environment. The Spark-S9 has the capability to adapt 7 expansion cards, 3 hard drives, 1 FDD, and 1 optical drive. The...
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