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(410) 756-1842

57 W Baltimore St Taneytown, Maryland   21787 , USA

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General Info:

Media Buying Academy is 'real-world, hands-on', intense, media buying training for spot radio, spot television, cable TV, newspaper, outdoor, consumer magazines and business-to business publications. This 4-day, information-packed course teaches novices as well as seasoned veterans. Voluminous workbooks aid students through the course as well as provide a reference source for many years thereafter.

Products & Services:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Broadcasting & Communications Equipment - Studio Equipment
  • Radio & Television
  • Cable Television
  • Cables - Television
  • Consulting Service - Radio
  • Field Audits - Cable Television
  • Management Consulting Services - Programmed Instruction
  • Management Services - Administrative
  • Multiplex Equipment - Radio
  • Television & Broadcast
  • Radio
  • Television & Consumer Electronics Stores
  • Training Aids

Web Site Results

/Advertising Clear Channel Pushing :30 Radio Spots The medial Posing as an Agency Fudging Research Left Off the Buy? A Thin Line Between Disclosures By State Agencies Versus Ethics in Media... One Sheets Broad Rotators (Radio) ROS (Radio and TV) Reps Withholding Information Learn How To Speak Mediaese The 12 Grid System Stations Who Only Hold Avail Rates and/or Negotiated... Study Course Test Media Research Library Books SRDS Thumbnail Media Planner The Radio Book Parrot Communications Bacons Media Directories Media Market Guide/Sqad Marketers Guide...
Group s memorial scholarship is named in honor of Michael M. Costello, who worked in the advertising industry for most of his life. He began his career at a popular radio station... in Baltimore, WITH-AM, where he sold radio time. From there, he joined J. Walter Thompson s creative team. He also spent many years as Ehrlich-Manes Associates Senior Vice President...
MBA Auditors
television, spot radio, print, or outdoor, that the buy is only half finished after the planning, analyzing, negotiating, and fighting for the value-added merchandising... learn about "posting" for TV and radio, attend Media Buying Academy's 4-Day + Internet media buying seminars. It is Media Buying Training at its best! MBA Group, inc. 57 West...
Press Association Kansas Press Service USA Today WBIV-TV Ashury Park Press WXMI-TV WFTW Radio Gannett WJLA-TV WRC-TV WPXI-TV Tansmedia Travel Host WINS Radio WBZZ Radio WVIR-TV WKDF... Radio National Public Radio Salem Broadcasting Do it Outdoors Comcast Cable WVSR-FM NE Sports Network ADVO, Inc. On Networks Urban Mix TV Show Mid-Atlantic Newspapers And, Many...
/$1920 Day Three $400/$800 $720/$1440 $960/$1920 Day Four $400/$800 $720/$1440 $960/$1920 Note: Day One - Basics Day Two - Radio Day Two Evening - Internet Day Three - TV and Cable...
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