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(443) 801-0764

4 South Rolling Road, Baltimore, Maryland   21228 , USA

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General Info:

TCS is specialized in compensation issues. With the addition of principals in training, organizational and software development.

Products & Services:

  • Human Resources Performance Management
  • Jcaho Accreditation
  • Performance Management Software
  • Performance Management Tools
  • Compensation Market Surveys
  • Healthcare Compensation
  • Healthcare Competencies
  • Performance Appraisal And Competency Evaluation
  • Total Compensation Services
  • Human Resources Software
  • Job Description Software
  • Organizational Development Software
  • Competency Based Performance Management.

Web Site Results

in training, organizational and software development, TCS is poised to become one of the foremost human resource and information technology consulting firms in the United States. In 1997... TCS developed its proprietary PACE system, and in 2001 TCS developed its PACE software. TCS expertise in Healthcare drove the development of PACE software, but it is relevant... with each client based on the specific needs of that engagement. Our team of software engineers is continually developing and enhancing our software. With combined experience...
implementation costs must be considered. How much time will they not have to do other organizational initiatives while they are spending time on planning, mapping, content development... of the software features and the functionality of the review process. A list of features and functionality to consider may include the following: Online Journaling Goal Setting Flexibility... be nice' and what bells and whistles you can do without. It is important to make a distinction between the performance management process and the performance management software...
management software company. The project was abandoned midstream because of substantial employee complaints. The VP of HR then learned of TCS and PACE. TCS started implementation... in August 2004. Over 175 workshops with employees and managers were completed by October 2004. All employees were evaluated on the new PACE software, loaded with their workshop... treated as compared to staff at the two sister hospitals. Through their PACE workshops, department managers from each hospital worked together to develop their PACE standards with TCS...
for building education and learning curriculums and other organizational development initiatives. In addition, PACE consultants know healthcare issues and clients are continually updated... asked about what we do and why we do it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. What are the benefits of the consulting workshops? Off the shelf software seems so much... the workshops and initial PACE implementation? Can our managers enter information from home? What are the benefits of the consulting workshops? Off the shelf software seems so much...
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