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(501) 268-8188

125 Bailey Street, Searcy, Arkansas   72143 , USA

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General Info:

Full Line Distributor Metal Finishing Products and Supplies.

Products & Services:

  • Belts - Abrasive
  • Buffing & Polishing Wheels
  • Buffing Compounds
  • Buffs
  • Buffs - Industrial
  • Compounds - Buffing & Polishing
  • Compounds - Cutting & Grinding
  • Compounds - Polishing
  • Compounds - Stainless Steel Buffing
  • Gloves - Work
  • Metal Polishing Supplies (lead
  • Pewter
  • White Metal)
  • Safety Equipment - Clothing & Supplies
  • Safety Glasses & Goggles
  • Wheels - Buffing & Polishing
  • Wheels - Flap

Web Site Results

compounds, polishing supplies, abrasives, plating supplies, and safety equipmentWe pride ourselves on quality customer service based on over 70 years of combined experience... and product knowledge.We welcome the opportunity toSERVE YOU. METAL FINISHING SUPPLIES BUFFING SUPPLIESBUFFS AND POLISHING WHEELSABRASIVE BELTSCUT-OFF AND GRINDING...James G. Morris Company, Inc. JAMES G. MORRIS COMPANY, INC James G. Morris Company has been serving the metal finishing industry since 1982. We offer a full line of buffs, buffing...
BUFFING SUPPLIESBUFFS... James G. Morris Company, Inc.Metal Finishing Supplies BUFFS and POLISHING WHEELS BUFFING SUPPLIES ABRASIVE BELTS CUT-OFF AND GRINDING WHEELS Sisal Buffs... * Airway Buffs * Cloth and Sisal * Sewn Color Buffs * Jewelers Buffs * Denim Buffs * Flannel Buffs * Finger Buffs * Denim Polishing Wheels * Rex Wheels * Muslin Wheels * Belt... Contact Wheels Stainless Steel Compounds * Tripoli Compound * Chrome Rouge * Emery Cake * Grease Stick (Tallowaid) * Special Ground Glue (Hyde Glue) * Cold Glue (Wheel Cement) * Belt...
and Aluminum Cast* Good for color buffing on some stainless steel parts* Available in 8 inch thru 20 inch DENIM "SET UP" POLISHING WHEEL* Wheels are used with abrasive grain... commonly used buff* Good for cutting or polishing on all metals* Can be used with grealess compounds* Available in 2 inch thru 18 inch FULL DISC 1 ROW SEWN LOOSE COTTON BUFF* Very... flexable for soft polishing operations (color buffing)* Can be stacked together for wide head* Used on all metals and some plastics* Available in 4 inch thru 18 inch back back ...
as color compound on all metals; also works on chrome for scratch free finish11 - Grease Stick - F10 (shown) - tallow based lubricant good on all metals; used with polishing wheels...BUFFING SUPPLIES 1 - Aluminum and Stainless Cut and Color - A-46 (shown) - works well as a cut and color bar on aluminum and stainless steel2 - Cut and Color Tripoli - X-67... ( shown)- cut and color bar for brass and aluminum3 - Stainless Cut and Color Compound - SS-17 yellow (shown) - works good on stainless steel cut and color; also works good on cast...
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