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(408) 383-0480

40555 Encyclopedia Circle Milpitas, California   95035 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Broadcasting & Communications Equipment - Receiver-transmitter Units
  • Transceiver
  • Communication Networks - Satellite
  • Mobile Communications Equipment
  • Radio & Television Communications Equipment
  • Radio Communications - Airborne Equipment
  • Satellite Communication Systems
  • Satellite Communications Equipment - Video Conferencing
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Transceivers

Web Site Results

for the development and implementation of satellite systems for voice, data, video and audio applications. Turnkey Design, Engineering, System Integration, Installation, Testing..., Delivery and Commission of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Networks, Satellite News Gathering (SNG), Fly-Away Terminals, and Uplink Stations. Turnkey Design, Engineering, System... Integration, Installation, Testing, Delivery and Commission of Satellite Tracking, Telemetry and Control (TT&C) Facility. Design and Integration of Information Systems for Computer...
International Corporation (TSI) designs, develops, manufactures, and markets state-of-the-art satellite networks and information systems for voice, data, video, and computer network... implementation and operation of good quality satellite systems. TSI has excellent field proven records in the design, engineering, integration, testing, and turnkey delivery of satellite... to 2.4 Meters Antennas for Voice and Data Applications; Ultra-Small VSAT Networks Using 0.2 to 0.6 Meters Antennas for Portable and Mobile Satellite Communication Applications...
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