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(251) 653-1113

P.o. Box 473, Theodore, Alabama   36590 , USA

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General Info:

Burns Dewatering Service - Dewatering pumps, wellpointing services, dewatering, contract dewatering services,trash pumps

Products & Services:

  • Wellpoint
  • Dewatering
  • Pumps
  • Dewatering Pump
  • Wellpoint
  • Jet Equipment
  • Trash Pumps
  • Wellpoint Pumps
  • Burns Dewatering
  • Underground Utility
  • Dewatering Alabama
  • Wellpoint Alabama
  • Dewatering Mississippi
  • Dewatering
  • Wellpoints
  • Burns Dewatering
  • Burns Dewatering Services
  • Pump Rental
  • Dewatering Pumping
  • Jet Pump
  • Wellpoint
  • Pump

Web Site Results

Burns Dewatering Services - Pump Photos 2 Wellpoints and Wells Burns Dewatering Services,offers sales and rentals of diesel and electric Wellpoint pumps 6" through 10" and Trash... pumps 4" through 16". Burns Pumps are the prime pumps for Industrial, Commercial,and Noise Restricted Jobsites. We offer experience rarely found in this region of the United States.... We proudly sell Pumps from BDSI, Premier,andJedi. Burns Dewatering Services, the one place to call for your pumping problems! Dewatering Dewatered History Pump Services Wellpoint...
Burns Dewatering Services - Dewatering EQUIPMENT RENTAL & SALES Wellpoint Systems & AccessoriesJet Pumps, Hoses, Casings, Etc.Trash Pump rental 4" Thru 10"Trash Pump sales 4" Thru... Distibutors for "Jedi" Rotary Wellpoint PumpsProud Distributors for "BDSI" Pumps and Systems CONSULTANT SERVICES & FIELD SUPERVISION Assist with Design of Dewatering SystemEstimating Costs... of Equipment Rental, Labor & Material for Installation & Operation of Dewatering SystemsCompetent Field Supervision to Assure Proper Installation & Operation of Dewatering Systems...
Burns Dewatering Services - Pump Services Services Assistance with Design of Dewatering System Estimating Costs of Equipment Rental, Labor and Material for Installation... with several competent engineers & firms which can provide engineering services for dewatering projects Dewatering Dewatered History Pump Services Wellpoint Contact Testimonials Pump... Photos Pump Photos 2 Wellpoint Photos Dewatering Projects Equipment Sales Burns Dewatering Services, Inc. Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, TexasPhone: 251-653-1113...
applications. Our services include fabrication, rental, and sale of dewateringand pumping equipment which is used in the construction industry, various government projects, industrial... deserves Burns Dewatering Services, Inc. Dewatering Dewatered History Pump Services Wellpoint Contact Testimonials Pump Photos Pump Photos 2 Wellpoint Photos Dewatering Projects Equipment...
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