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P.o. Box 292393, Nashville, Tennessee   37229 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Manufacturers Rep. Of Commercial & Industrial Heating
  • Ventilation & Processing Equipment. Specializing In Gas Infrared Equipment; Product Base Includes Electric Infrared Heaters
  • Make-up Air Systems
  • More... Fans
  • Louvers
  • & Gas & Electric Heaters.

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to hold the desired comfort level. To achieve this, the Heat Wave's 800 CFM fan recirculates the air in your confined space through its housing, warming the air more and more each... the fixture to shock and vibration. Fostoria's u-shaped metal sheath elements are stable and more shock resistant than quartz lamps or quartz tubes. They have a 5000 hour average rated life...., use our more powerful 6.0 KW and 13.5 KW heaters. They are mounted on top resistant 2-wheel welded steel carts for safety and ease of maneuverability. They range in voltage from 208...
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