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(717) 715-1980

1002 Lititz Pike Office 263 Lititz, Pennsylvania   17543 , USA

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General Info:

Consulting electronic engineers and manufacturers of test instruments.

Products & Services:

  • Designs
  • Manufactures & Repairs Industrial Controls
  • Instrumentation & Sensors. Cems Service
  • Computer Programming
  • Custom Instrumentation & Sensors
  • Electronic Design Process Control System More... Analysis & Consulting.

Web Site Results

Black Oak Engineering Black Oak Engineering Home Products Services Resources Contact Automation, Controls, Electronic design, Instruments & sensors, Software Who we are Black Oak... Engineering does custom design and manufacture. We integrate, install and service standard brand equipment. We consult on design and automation projects. Computer programming...
, Modbus, RS-232/485, SPI, TCP/IP, USB. Control systems. PID, motion, process, temperature. State variable, robust, digital. Data acquisition modules. Design from concept to finished.... Embedded systems, microcontroller-based design, many platforms. Microchip Design Partners. ARM (including Cortex). 8/16/32 bit. Mil-Spec design. Design for other extreme...
CRC codes. Zip CANopen App Note Application Note: Design of a Device PI Controller using Microchip dsPIC33F & the CAN / CANopen Stack. PDF Showcase Clarion dataradio, Lancaster, PA...
Semper Fi
region for superior range and noise immunity. App AB4400 uPAC family Programmable Automation Controllers. Simple, robust design for real-world applications. App AB4700 Model Zirc1.... App AB9600 Basicon-T User-friendly PID temperature controller. App All BOE products are designed and manufactured in the USA. "It just works." 2013 Black Oak Engineering. All Rights Reserved Home | Products | Services | Resources | Contact ...
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