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(214) 421-9091

2411 Ferris St, Dallas, Texas   75226 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Eggs - Processed
  • Farming - Chicken Eggs
  • Food Products
  • Food Products - Chicken
  • Slaughtered & Dressed
  • Food Products - Turkey
  • Processed
  • Fresh
  • Hatchery - Chicken
  • Meat Packing Equipment
  • Poultry Processing Equipment

Web Site Results

pallete on an adventure with his Spicy Lemongrass and Pine Nut Chicken Larb. In other news, we're happy to provide a coupon for Pilgrim's frozen, fully cooked chicken products... Young of Kraft Food Ingredients. At Kraft, Chef Young's job is to work with food manufacturers and foodservice chains to develop on-trend, culinary-driven applications, and he's... agreed to share three of his chicken recipes with you here. His Caramelized Fennel and Creamy Anise Braised Chicken Thighs with Parpadelle Pasta is a mouthful to say but provides...
by the new and improved Pilgrim's. You may notice that we've redesigned our fresh packaging, but we're still focused on delivering the quality products consumers like you want. We're... dedicated to delivering great recipe ideas that your family is guaranteed to love. This month, we're proud to bring you three recipes from our friend, Food Network chef Daisy Martinez.... We hope you enjoy Daisy's chicken enchiladas, and be sure to check out her Chicken Braised in Peruvian Yellow Pepper Puree and Faster-Than-Takeout Chicken in Green Sauce. Happy...
"Beau" Batchelor, Pilgrim's Manager of Product Research & Development. Chef Beau gathers a whole host of deep, satisfying flavors and combines them to create the rich Roasted Whole... home with heartwarming aromas and fill your family with great-tasting comfort food. Finally, his Pan Roasted Airline Breast with Butternut Squash Confit, Spiced Pecan Streusel... how versatile Pilgrim's chicken can be, and how you can turn meals into wonderful memories. In other news, Pilgrim's 22nd annual Winning Taste Recipe Contest is in progress...
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