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(317) 898-0135

8767 Boehning Ln, Indianapolis, Indiana   46219 , USA

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General Info:

Clark Appliance offers appliances for every lifestyle and budget. Come into one of our showrooms today!

Products & Services:

  • Doors - French
  • Electrical Goods
  • Wholesale - Electrical Appliances
  • Major
  • Electrical Household Appliance Repair
  • Household Appliance Stores - Electric Household Appliances
  • Major
  • Washers - Dished
  • Washers - Star

Web Site Results

- Receive a FREE 10 year Major ComponentPart Warranty PLUS items $1,000 and up - Receive a FREE 3 year Parts &Labor Warranty PLUS a 10year Major ComponentPart Warranty*Not valid... on previous purchases. 10-year warranty is for parts only, laundry only eligible for Major Component Part warranty. 10 year warranty not available on outdoor grills and induction cooktops...
number, and approximate age of the appliance.For all of your service and repair needs, call us at 317.890.9202.ServicesClark Appliance is the best place to call for your major...
makes Pizza: So much better then delivery!Ever tried to make pizza at home only to be disappointed and vow to never try it again? This class will cover the 4 major food groups...
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