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(740) 335-3586

2101 Kenskill Ave, Washington Court House, Ohio   43160 , USA

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General Info:

Along with our well-known assortment of bacon products, our product line has now expanded to include a new array of food categories for both foodservice and retail. In addition to quality and variety, our private-label process is a turnkey solution . . . manufacturing the product and creating custom packaging for distribution.

Products & Services:

  • Bacon
  • Food & Meat Processing Equipment
  • Meat Cutting & Packing
  • Meat Packing Equipment
  • Meat Products - Bacon
  • Side & Sliced
  • From Purchased Meat
  • Meat Products - Ham
  • Boneless
  • From Purchased Meat
  • Meats - Smoked

Web Site Results

and flavor to accomplish your food service goals. Whether it's raw or fully cooked, pork, chicken or turkey bacon, we will work with you to provide a customized bacon product. Retail... Packing Co.'s array of cooking and packaging capabilities, coupled with our R&D efforts, allow our product portfolio to go beyond bacon. Our current product offerings include ethnic...: Various cooking systems, variety of packaging options, corporate branding, private labeling Raw Pork Bacon Fully Cooked Pork Bacon Fully Cooked Pork Bits/Pieces Center Cut Pork...
our roots were planted as a bacon company, Sugar Creek Packing Co. has grown into a diverse and innovative food company. We offer a wide range of products and can provide...
- Raw Bacon Sugar Creek Packing Co. 1241 N. Gettysburg Avenue Dayton, OH 45417 Dayton, Ohio - Cooked Sugar Creek Packing Co. 4249 Beerman Avenue Dayton, OH 45417 Cincinnati, Ohio...
Good Enough is Not Enough
Founded in Washington Court House, OH in 1966, Sugar Creek Packing Co. began as a raw bacon manufacturer. Our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality, best value products has...
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