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Website Snapshot of Mitutoyo America Corp


(734) 455-9330

45005 Five Mile Rd, Plymouth, Michigan   48170 , USA

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General Info:

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Products & Services:

  • Instruments & Meters - Measuring
  • Electric
  • Instruments - Electronic Measuring
  • Testing & Recording
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Wholesale - Measuring & Testing
  • Electrical
  • Exc Auto

Web Site Results

magnetic permeability and electrical resistivity. PERMANENT SET Non-elastic or plastic, deformation of metal under stress, after passing the elastic limit. PHOSPHOR BRONZE Copper base... well and should not be used in service above 225 F. even after stress relieving treatment at 325 to 350 F. It has excellent electrical properties, corrosion resistant comparable... Those properties familiarly discussed in physics, exclusive of those described under mechanical properties; for example, density, electrical conductivity, co-efficient of thermal...
usually made in the basic open-hearth or electric furnace, with about 0.50-5.% silicon, other elements are usually kept as low as possible. Because of high electrical resistance... electrodes through which an electrical current is passed during a very short interval so that fusion occurs over a small area at the interface between the pieces. SPRING-BACK An indicator...
A device for measuring temperatures by the use of two dissimilar metals in contact; the junction of these metals gives rise to a measurable electrical potential with changes...
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