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(575) 289-0259

Old Hwy 44 Cuba, New Mexico   87013 , USA

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General Info:

Unique humate products, increase yields and plant performance by increasing the uptake and utilization of nutrients, increase efficacy of certain pesticide products, and significantly enhance natural biological activity. All humates are not alike.

Products & Services:

  • Conditioners - Water
  • Fertilizer Mineral Mining
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Fertilizers
  • Fertilizers - Natural
  • Organic
  • Exc Compost
  • Fertilizers - Organic
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Soil Conditioners

Web Site Results

fertilizers. Due to their negative ionic characteristics, these organic acids increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil, which enhances the transfer of nutrients through...Earthgreen Products Inc. They are highly biodegraded and compressed remains of ancient plant and animal materials. Simply put, they are the highly decomposed organic materials... that have fossilized over a period of millions of years. They are also referred to as humic substances and are used as soil conditioners, soil supplements, and fertilizer amendments...
, and environmental applications. We specialize in natural humate, seaweed extract, humic and fulvic acid based products. Our products are all over 65% organic matter, OMRI approved... owned mining, processing, and production facility in New Mexico, USA. These natural organic based products are developed from patented processes and are supported with over 20 years... and animals. Composted, fermented, and changed far below the earths surface, the buried plants and animals were distilled down to complex organic molecules and minerals. When this material...
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