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(714) 635-0470

1150 N Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, California   92801 , USA

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General Info:

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Products & Services:

  • Non Ferrous Tramp Metal Detectors
  • Recycling Services
  • Scrap & Waste Materials
  • Wholesale - Ferrous Metal
  • Scrap & Waste Materials
  • Wholesale - Nonferrous Metals Scrap
  • Scrap Metal

Web Site Results

? Free website templates by professional designers at WTO. Suppliers Sunwest Metals purchases scrap materials and offers an additional revenue source from otherwise wasted... materials. If your company generates scrap, we can be of service to you. Our suppliers originate from various industries such as: High-tech manufacturers and electronics Machine shops... materials: Cast Iron Borings Turnings Sheet Iron Pipe Steel and Iron Scrap Structural Steel Non-Ferrous Metal At Sunwest, the purchase and sale of non-ferrous materials (aluminum...
grades) All Scrap Metals Learn more about implementing a customized recycling program for your business today. Increase revenue and refine your waste stream, all whilst making...Sunwest Metals - OC's Leading Recycling Destination Call us Today: 1-800-60-SCRAP (72727) 714.635.0470 contact coupon suppliers services residential commercial home Need a website...? Free website templates by professional designers at WTO. Generating Waste? Contact us if your company is generating any of the following waste: Cardboard Plastics Paper (all...

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