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(802) 387-4403

78 River Rd S, Putney, Vermont   05346 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Candy
  • Food Products
  • Wholesale - Sugar
  • Honey
  • Molasses & Syrups
  • Food Products - Syrup
  • Maple
  • Syrup - Sugar

Web Site Results

Bruce Bascom
will be accepted. (No syrup transferred from tin milk cans or any other unacceptable drums will be accepted.) Drums that have previously held non-food grade products (i.e. sanitizers...). Continuing with our current practice, only food grade drums of maple syrup will be accepted. Stainless steel, food grade plastic, and food grade epoxy lined are good examples of what... SYRUP DRUM POLICY In our continuing effort to provide maple syrup of the highest quality, the following policy is in effect: Starting March 1, 2014, maple syrup stored...
supplier of maple products to packers, distributors, manufactures, retailers, and others in the food business. The Bascom farm is located on 2,200 acres high in the hills of New..., and other agricultural operations. We have operated commercial syrup production and packing facilities for over 40 years. Our People The principals of the business are Bruce... aspects of sap harvesting, syrup production, packaging, and distribution. Bruce Bascom is active in a number of local and national maple product organizations, and in 2010...
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