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(305) 593-0911

6905 Nw 25th St, Miami, Florida   33122 , USA

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General Info:

Manufacturer of custom water-slide and heat-release ceramic decals and glass decals. Best Quality ceramic and glass decals at the lowest prices!

Products & Services:

  • Homefurnishings
  • Wholesale - Pottery
  • Paper
  • Wholesale - Printing
  • Paper - Printer
  • Paper - Printing

Web Site Results

I placed the decal in water? Two things could be wrong: The setting in your printer is too high delivering too much ink to decal the paper. Set the printer setting (properties... an even shine across the entire sheet, let it dry between layers and apply again no more than two or three times. Can I mix decal papers and printers? No, InkJet decal papers were... with lower resolution in your printer. The less ink (specially black) that the printer delivers to the paper, the best your results will obtain. Can decal Paper adhere well over any...
printing must be done on a specially coated paper Decalcomania Paper or Decal Paper preferably 170 gsm for a fully automatic machine but this depends on the type of machine you.... After printing, the colors must dry in a dryer for at least one hour but you must make sure the dryer is an air dryer and NOT a heat dryer. Heat will change the size of the paper... printed cover coat has to be printed. A solution called FILM SOLUTION is used to cover coat the designs. This covers the design and is a media that carries the design out of the paper...
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