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(516) 766-1414

3194 Lawson Blvd, Oceanside, New York   11572 , USA

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American Chocolate Mould Co.

Products & Services:

  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Wholesale - Food Product Manufacturing

Web Site Results

industry equipment in the United States and acts as a service organization to the confectionery industry. Today, ACMC represents some of the finest manufacturers of machines... and supplies to the candy/confectionery and bakery industries. ACMC is currently an active/associate member of the NCA, RCI, and PMCA. Photos Upcoming Events: PMCA 67th Annual Production...
today, they are one of the largest manufacturers of plastic moulds for the chocolate and confectionery industry. Within a few years American Chocolate Mould Company began... machines. In addition, we represent Thouet for their conches and homogenizers. Ecopack is a supplier to the confectionery and bakery industries. For the confectionery industry..., they make paper cups - plain, printed and printed in register. Today, American Chocolate Mould Company is one of the leading suppliers of confectionery industry equipment in the United...
- Farum, Denmark (Nielsen) Aasted-Mikroverk and A.E. Nielsen, both market leaders worldwide within high-quality production lines for the chocolate and bakery industry have merged under... independent privately owned supplier of foil for the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. They are suppliers of unsupported, paper backed, plastic coated, embossed, colored.... www.bsa-schneider.de BSA SCHNEIDER - Germany BSA is engaged in development, design and production of plants and machinery for the chocolate, cocoa and sweets industry. All our...
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