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(360) 398-1360

6401 Old Guide Rd, Bellingham, Washington   98226 , USA

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  • Laboratories
  • Testing - Veterinary
  • Milk Production
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and control of mastitis. Our trained professionals serve as consultants to dairymen, veterinarians, milk processors, and food manufacturers on the topic of milk quality. We provide... on farm personnel training, evaluate milking machine design and function, coordinate sanitation and therapy programs, troubleshoot acute clinical outbreaks, and evaluate dairy... environments. We also manufacture specialized mastitis media for veterinary and on farm labs. At our Jerome Laboratory, in addition to milk testing, we offer analysis of food and consumer...
media production facility and the Meridian milk quality laboratory. Please feel free to visit us if you are in the area. Featured Products: Mycoplasma Agar This light amber agar...:: Udder Health Systems Inc :: Serving the Northwest Dairy Industry... Welcome to Udder Health Systems Udder Health Systems provides milk quality and food testing services... for the dairy industry. The company was founded in 1978 by Dr. Allan Britten for the purpose of addressing the challenges facing dairymen striving to produce high quality milk. In 2004 we...
Certified Milk Testing (Jerome Laboratory) Laboratory Operating Standards Dairy Services Brochure Food Services - Jerome Lab Only Analysis of Food and Consumer Products Pathogen...: Identifies Pathogenic & Environmental Bacteria Tank Milk Quality Analysis & Component Testing Environmental Testing: Sanitizer, Bedding, Towels & Water Idaho Grade A State... Milking Machine Safety Evaluations CMT Surveys: Identify High SCC Cows Herd Cultures: Screens Herd for Contagious Mastitis Pathogens Milker School (Bilingual) Consulting Customized Udder...
Salt Agar Plate Products - Salt Agar Phone Orders: 1-877-398-1360 Email Orders: media@udderhealth.com Purpose: This selective agar is used at Udder Health Systems Laboratory... for selection of all Staphylococci from bulk tank milk samples. Description: This crimson red, translucent agar is prepared from a Mannitol Salt agar base with the addition of 5% washed... Inhibited Yeast Inhibited Mold Inhibited Nocardia Inhibited Prototheca Inhibited Arcanobacterium pyogenes Inhibited C. bovis Inhibited Other Products: Blood Agar Plate This is the standard...
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