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(206) 575-3306

1208 Andover Park E Tukwila, Washington   981883997 , USA

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0 Air Bearing and Caster Information - What Sort Of Floor Surface Is Required? For a smooth, trouble-free operation of your air bearing kit, or system, the floor surface should be level, smooth and non-porous - preferably concrete. The best floor surface will have no cracks, holes or indentations. M...
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Air Bearing and Caster Information - How Do Air Bearings Work? Air bearings are designed to lift loads away from the floor surface and float them off to their destination on a thin film of air. Each individual air bearing is housed in a load module which contains an air flow control valve to regulat...
Air Bearing and Caster Information - What Is A Load Module Or Air Caster? A load module or air caster is a machined assembly - either lightweight aluminum or steel - that houses an air bearing. Load modules - also known as air casters - are available for each size of air bearing. Load modules are fi...
Air Bearings and Casters Load Moving Systems & Equipment - check out our Products page.
Air Bearings and Casters - Air Powered Heavy Load Moving Equipment & Systems Tremendous Lifting Power Move Up To 100 Tons With Ease Anyone Can Use: Guys & Gals Air Bearings and Casters - can easily solve your machinery and load moving problems: float them across the floor using air power...

Company Profile:

Contact: 206-575-3306
Address: 1208 Andover Park E
Tukwila, Washington   981883997 , USA
Url: http://www.hovair.com
Fax: 206-575-3309
Year Established: 1985
Annual Sales: US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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