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(818) 761-3516

5238 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, California   91601 , USA

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General Info:

home of the manufacturer of a wide range of marine and pool safety products. for over 30 years, we have supplied jim-buoy products to boaters and swimming pool enthusiasts everywhere.

Products & Services:

  • Buoy
  • Buoys
  • Marine Products
  • Pool Products
  • Pool Safety
  • Boat Safety
  • Safety Lights
  • Automatic Safety Lights
  • Sombrero Buoys
  • Dock Bumper System
  • Jumbo Floats
  • Life Guard Equipment
  • Man Overboard Poles
  • Barrier Systems
  • Sign Buoys
  • Pick-up Buoys
  • Life Rings
  • Ring Buoys
  • Mooring Buoys
  • Horseshoe Buoys
  • Fender Baskets
  • Life Preservers
  • Regulatory Buoys
  • Channel Markers
  • River Buoys
  • Buoy Accessories
  • Vinyl Daymarks
  • Life Floats
  • Water Skinning Accessories
  • Industrial Floats
  • Industrial Buoys
  • Giant Marine Fenders
  • Life Ring Cabinets

Web Site Results

Boom Buoys Model # 1710
...Out! An Inexpensive yet positive barrier system! Excellent visibility - Full 10ft. long x ...for your particular application. Home | Marine Products | Pool ...Dock Bumpers and Corner Wheels Fender Baskets Giant ...Wheels Fender Baskets Giant Marine Fenders
Go to Industrial Floats and Buoy Page
Marine Products List Hard Shell Ring Buoys ...Life Rings Drum Buoy Life Floats Regulatory Buoys/ Channel markers Man ...Day Mark Signals Giant Marine Fenders Industrial ...Life Ring Racks Safety Harnesses Fender
Fender Baskets
Fender Baskets FULLY ASSEMBLED-READY FOR IMMEDIATE ...12" dia. 1 14 lbs. Home | Marine Products | Pool ...Wheels Fender Baskets Giant Marine Fenders Hard Shell Ring Buoys Hose ...Ring Buoys Hose and Rope Floats
Model No. 2022
...the hardest blows - almost indestructible! SYSTEM #10 VINYL DAYMARKS - Available in a ...the top edge of the jumbo flotation base, the Sombrero Buoy ...greater visibility because it naturally floats higher in the
Hurricane's Unique Triple Absorbing Design
Hurricane Fenders The All New Boat Fender with Triple Absorbing Action! Actually ...from the highest quality, virgin marine vinyl to withstand the most ...into the vinyl. AIR VALVE SYSTEM - Only rust

Company Profile:

Contact: 818-761-3516
Address: 5238 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood, California   91601 , USA
Url: http://www.jimbuoy.com
Fax: 818-761-3165
Year Established: 1966
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