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Website Snapshot of Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems


(765) 647-1600

11199 State Road 101 Brookville, Indiana   47012 , USA

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General Info:

Hautau builds high-speed automatic tube cutoff lathes, tube endfinishing machines and tube boring machines in Brookville, Indiana.

Products & Services:

  • Tube Cutoff Lathe
  • Tube Endfinishing Machine
  • Tube Boring Machine
  • Tube Shear Machine

Web Site Results

Tube & Pipe Cutoff Solutions For Thick & Thin Wall ...Wall Tubing Rotary-Head Cutoff Lathe Hautau rotary ...Cutoff Lathe Hautau rotary cutoff lathes can ...ID on both ends of tubes in one
...for yourself why Hautau Rotary Cutoff Machines are the best for ...Hautau's RC line of Rotary Tube and Pipe ...Rotary Tube and Pipe Cutoff lathes. Changeover of Rotating-Head ...in 1 minute! RC15 1.5 inch Cutoff Lathe
Indexing Shaped Tube Chain Conveyors Our Indexing Chain ...loading solution for shaped tubing. Tubes are positioned on the chains ...rolls push the tube intothe cutoff machine. The ...Tube Loaders Main Page Home l Lathe
Tube Loading & Unloading Systems We build ...type bundle loaders, for loading tubes from .75 inch to 9 inch ...bundles from behind the tube cutoff lathe. Shaped ...to secondary operations Home l Lathe Cutoffs l

Company Profile:

Contact: 765-647-1600
Address: 11199 State Road 101
Brookville, Indiana   47012 , USA
Url: http://www.hautau.com
Fax: 765-647-1620
Year Established: 1973
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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