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(858) 270-9600

4809 Clairemont Dr Ste 116, San Diego, California   92117-2706 , USA

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General Info:

EPA Registered BIOCIDE, Bio Deodorizer, Disinfectant Cleaner, Non Toxic

Products & Services:

  • Epa Registered
  • Biocide
  • Disinfectant
  • Bio Deodorizer
  • Non Toxic

Web Site Results

and Foul Odors Protect Yourself With AGRICULTURE & FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES SNiPER : Biodegradable EPA registered Hypo-allergenic Environmentally friendly Non-toxic to humans, animals... SNiPER technology produces a healthier environment by destroying Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Salmonella, E. coli, Toxic Ammonia, Methane and much more. SNiPER is a non-toxic disinfectant... to inactivate microbial threats are highly toxic, corrosive, time consuming or hard to apply. SNiPER is different. It is a revolutionary, non-toxic, mechanical approach to disinfection. It...
formaldehyde ammonia removal
and much more For Storage tanks, Barges, Tank trucks, Process vessels, Wastewater tanks, etc. Confined Space Safety SNiPER is a safe, non-toxic and highly selective oxidant used... if fumes are introduced into the confined space from work such as welding, grinding, water blasting, etc. Due to its unique and exceptional formulation, non-toxic SNiPER works...Confined Spaces Announcements Emergency Services Non-Harmful To Humans, Animals & Plants LETHAL to: Micro-organisms, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Yeast, Volatile Organic Compounds...
. Disinfecting with non-toxic SNiPER will protect you from the spread of pathogenic virus and bacteria and create a cleaner, greener environment. Why should I use SNiPER instead... is easy to use. Since it is non-toxic, you do not have to worry where you spray or apply it. Traditional disinfectants are too weak to kill the most harmful virus and bacteria... square inch for maximum disinfection. Or simply use SNiPER along with your proper cleaning regimen to ensure protection and broad spectrum disinfection. SNiPER is non-toxic and can...
Odors Protect Yourself With WASHER DISINFECTION & ODOR REMOVAL SNiPER : Non-toxic Disinfection Eliminate Foul Odors Simple to Use Prevent Future Outbreaks Helps with Allergies... and eliminates odor on contact. Spray non-toxic SNiPER on infected areas to kill mold and remove mildew smell. Allow SNiPER to remain on the area to complete its disinfecting action.... Simply spray to disinfect, clean and remove odors from washer. Non-toxic SNiPER has many disinfecting abilities and uses. It is EPA Registered to kill mold, bacteria and virus...
SNiPER non toxic disinfectant for military
Odors Protect Yourself With MILITARY DISENFECTION SNiPER - Ideal Biocide SNiPER is a NON-TOXIC biocide that kills the most harmful pathogens and health threatening micro-organisms...Military Announcements Emergency Services Non-Harmful To Humans, Animals & Plants LETHAL to: Micro-organisms, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Yeast, Volatile Organic Compounds and Foul... Organic Compounds Oxidize toxic fumes and gas Disinfect biological contamination SNiPER is able to clean up and disinfect bodily fluids, including blood and tissues. SNiPER is able...

Company Profile:

Contact: 858-270-9600
Address: 4809 Clairemont Dr Ste 116
San Diego, California   92117-2706 , USA
Url: http://www.sniperclean.com
Fax: 858-408-2603
Year Established: 2010
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