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(402) 385-2459

608 Industrial Rd. Pender, Nebraska   68047 , USA

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General Info:

emerson manufacturing offers air jacks, filter crushers, air hydraulics, axle jacks, truck ramps and lifts. emerson jacks have more lifting power the other brands. we have a model that will suit your needs.

Products & Services:

  • Emerson
  • Manufacturing
  • Tool
  • Air Jack
  • Truck
  • Ramp
  • Air Jacks
  • Jack
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic
  • Air Hydraulic Jacks
  • Emerson Jacks
  • Axle Jacks
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Web Site Results

Model 25 Axle Jack Emerson Model 25-4 Axle Jack SALE PRICE: $1,095.00 Features The only axle jack on the market with a shielded cylinder. This (removable) sleeve so successfully... protects and guides the cylinder that you will receive years and years of trouble free service. NO RUST. NO CORROSION. The Emerson Pump (USA) is by far the best on the market... for multiple height adjustments. Jack handle telescopes to nearly twice the length shown. Jack stands on it's nose using the least storage room possible. The powerful (25 TON CAPACITY) truck axle jack is in a class of its own! Click here for More Model 25 Options >> ...
Emerson Model 220s Model 220 Combination 220 Air Jacks/Safety Stands SALE PRICE: $990.00 SINGLE SALE PRICE: $1,980.00 PER PAIR **Includes: both long and short extentions...

Company Profile:

Contact: 402-385-2459
Address: 608 Industrial Rd.
Pender, Nebraska   68047 , USA
Url: http://www.emersonjacks.com
Fax: 402-385-2495
Year Established: 1960
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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