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(805) 933-3299

416 E. Santa Maria St., Ste. 15, Santa Paula, California   93060 , USA

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klaus savier's light speed engineering aviation information page

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  • Electronic Ignition
  • Klaus Savier
  • Light Speed Engineering
  • Plasma Ignition
  • Plasma Cdi
  • Plasma Ii
  • Aircraft Ignition
  • Aviation
  • Airplane
  • Experimental
  • Experimental Airplane
  • Capacitor
  • Cdi
  • Airplane Race
  • Aviation Racing
  • Racing
  • Ignition

Web Site Results

with the following formula. mph^1.3 x mpg x payload^.6 This is not only a fun and very educational race, it also demonstrates the real world usefulness of airplanes... Engineering. This airplane is well known for winning all kinds of races since 1984. From the CAF efficiency races in the late 80 s to the AirVenture Cup race in 2007, where it won the 400... mile course with carefully weighed airplanes and a payload of up to 200 lbs / seat. The aircraft were weighed again after landing to determine the total fuel used and were scored...
Plasma Ignition System
power and efficiency increase of any ignition source available today. Proven for over 26 years in racing and numerous world records, it is the best choice to make your engine run... ignition systems but also our advanced composite products. (To view successes... click here) 2012 was the 15th running of one of the last standing Air Races! The AirVenture Cup Race... took place on Sunday, July 22 from Mitchell, South Dakota to the finish line in Waupaca, WI. See the AirVenture Cup website, www.airventurecuprace.com, to see the 2012 Race...
with electronic ignition systems. We can marvel at magnetos in museums on antique cars and motorcycles. On airplanes, they still feature the same problems they always had - hard... a completely solid state system with all the features described later and to win the CAFE Race with it. Several parameters are very important. One of them is firing accuracy. The points... they were installed in airplanes with such marginal performance that they would rarely be flown above 10,000 feet. If they made it above that altitude, they most likely needed full...
ELECTRONIC IGNITION FOR... Sport Aviation, February 1995 In 1994 Klaus Savier entered five races, won them all and had no failures. ELECTRONIC IGNITION FOR AIRCRAFT By Klaus... ignition system's susceptibility to lightning strikes, static discharge and single event upsets. This environment is unique to aircraft and composite airplanes in particular. Critical...

Company Profile:

Contact: 805-933-3299
Address: 416 E. Santa Maria St., Ste. 15
Santa Paula, California   93060 , USA
Url: http://www.lightspeedengineering.com
Fax: 805-525-0199
Year Established: 1983
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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