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(585) 247-8990

558 Elmgrove Rd., Rochester, New York   14606 , USA

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General Info:

elmgrove technologies, located in rochester, ny provides the edge (leading-edge technology) in electronic engineering for printed circuit board design and printed circuit board assembly.

Products & Services:

  • Pcb Design
  • Printed Circuit Design
  • Pcb Assembly
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly Subcontracting
  • Electronic Engineering Service
  • Electronic Engineering Consulting
  • Low Volume Assembly
  • One-stop Services
  • Pcb Fabrication
  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
  • 24 Hour Services
  • Printed Circuit Board Design Consulting
  • Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Electronic Design

Web Site Results

SMT Surface Mount Printed Circuit Board Rochester NY Prototype SMD PCB Prototypes, low to mid-volume PCB assemblies We are proud of our assembly services and provide quality..., enhanced by automatic smt surface mount and semi-automatic preparation and assembly equipment. Printed circuit board low to mid volume Printed circuit board through-hole surface... workmanship. We employ exceptionally skilled technicians with the ability to assemble a circuit board without high tooling costs. For production, Elmgrove Technologies uses hand labor...
Printed circuit board... Through-hole, surface mount & mixed technologies We can assemble your prototypes and your low to mid-volume printed circuit board pcb, from the simplest... board pcb assembly services provide just-in-time delivery of assemblies to meet your schedule. Time to market is critical. Printed circuit board low to mid volume Printed circuit board... to the most complex designs. We maintain a clean, modern facility that's equipped to offer fast, cost effective printed circuit board pcb assembly services. Our printed circuit...
board low to mid volume Printed circuit board through-hole surface mount smd Printed circuit board electromechanical e-mail us home | design | engineering | assembly | projects...Printed circuit board... Electro mechanical assembly At Elmgrove Technologies, our assembly lab technicians are accomplished at electro mechanical assembly. We have many years... of experience with motor drives, wiring harness, chassis wiring, transformer wiring and small mechanical assembly. We machine our own fixtures for ribbon cables, connectors...
the assembly edge Printed Circuit board prototype, low to mid-volume PCB assembly Printed Circuit board through-hole surface mount Printed Circuit board electromechanical the engineering... assemblythe EDGE (leading-edge technology). From simple designs to the most complex, high-density smd surface mount assemblies, you get the EDGE with PCBs that work right the first time... you plug them in. For 30+ years we have designed and/or assembled PCBs for a wide range of industriesfrom automotive, medical, and copier companies to computer, government, defense...

Company Profile:

Contact: 585-247-8990
Address: 558 Elmgrove Rd.
Rochester, New York   14606 , USA
Url: http://www.elmgrovetechnologies.com
Fax: 585-426-3754
Year Established: 1971
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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