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(940) 392-3333

708 Hwy. 380 W., Bryson, Texas   76427 , USA

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General Info:

'technicoat 10-1?is an epoxy-modified phenolic multi-step total immersion process that insures a hi-density, thin-film coating with no bridging, blistering or brittleness.'

Products & Services:

  • 'technicoat
  • Protective
  • Coating
  • Anticorrosion
  • Corrosive
  • Refrigeration Coils
  • Protection
  • Salt-water
  • Harsh Environment
  • Coil Coating
  • Dirty Socks Syndrome
  • Ame
  • Aero-marine Engineering
  • A/c Coil Coating
  • Technicoat 10-1
  • Technicoat 10-2
  • Protective Coil Coating
  • Ast
  • Electrofin
  • Ast Electrofin
  • Stop Corrosion'

Web Site Results

What is Technicoat?
development of epoxy-modified phenolic yielded TechniCoat 10-1 . The coating proved to be so effective, and its use spread so quickly in the industry, that soon the company had... company joined forces in 1990 with Aero-Marine Engineering, Inc. (AME). Then in 2000, AME became the sole corporation and owner of TechniCoat with TechniCoat 10-1 as the product... that it was now providing the newest modern chemistry has to offer: the new TechniCoat 10-2 ! TechniCoat 10-2 is the result of this development.Incorporating a resin based thermoplastic...
Commercial Industrial Uses AME's TechniCoat 10-1 has long been recognized in the HVAC industry as a superior anti-corrosive protective coating for not only coils but internal... a unit can AME TechniCoat 10-2 be applied? What type of units can AME coat?Is AME\'s TechniCoat 10-2 used in any other environment other than salt-water? Will AME coat units... can AME TechniCoat 10-2 be applied?To date, no unit size has been rejected. What type of units can AME coat?Condensing Units, Air-Handling Units, Split systems, Packaged Units...
/2004 1 4 4 10/5/2004 1 5 5 10/12/2004 1 5 5 1 = Highest, 5 = Lowest Is It Really So? How our Technicoat process compares to other products: 2007 High Performance ASTM B117What..., TechniCoat 10-1 and the new TechniCoat 10-2 )has been performed and data shows E-coatexhibited visual breach of coatingat less than 1,000 hours under 4 standard salt/UV/acedic acid...Product Testing Results Current Testing Data Recent lab results (Dallas Labs) Salt Fog Test (10/12/2004): Coil Ranking: Date AMETechniCoat E-coating Phenolics 9/17/2004 1 2 2 9/28...

Company Profile:

Contact: 940-392-3333
Address: 708 Hwy. 380 W.
Bryson, Texas   76427 , USA
Url: http://www.ame-technicoat.com
Fax: 940-392-2058
Year Established: 1970
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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