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(814) 453-5841

814 E. 8th St., Erie, Pennsylvania   16503 , USA

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General Info:

assembly machines - swanson is an industry leader in assembly machines and accessories. swanson manufacturers a wide range and variety of rotary, linear, synchronous, palletizing and flexible modular assembly equipment and assembly machines.

Products & Services:

  • Assembly Machines
  • High Speed
  • Automation
  • Base Filler
  • Flare Machine

Web Site Results

assembly machines - Swanson-Erie Corporation Swanson - Erie P.O. Box 1217 Erie, Pennsylvania 16512 (814) 453-5841 fax (814) 455-5109 toll free (888) 453-5841 e-mail: info@swanson... - Japan 1-61, 23 Makado-Cho, Naka-ku Yokohama 231 Japan 81-45-622-3665 fax 81-45-622-3666 Visit us in Anaheim (Booth #4329) ASSEMBLY MACHINES Assembly machines, assembly, assembly... systems, high speed assembly, automation, standard assembly machines, synchronous assembly machines. The Swanson Agile Assembly Platform is the latest innovation from the pioneer...
Page Title Home Page | Pages: 1 2 3 ASSEMBLY MACHINES, ROTARY: Precise, fast, dependable rotary configured automatic assembly machines using Swanson chassis chosen from hundreds... of different models, sizes, capacities and numbers of positions to provide highly compact and functional assembly machine solutions. ASSEMBLY MACHINES, LINEAR: many factors dictate... a linear configured assembly or processing machine; large sized parts, large numbers of parts, physically large tooling components, accessibility, space for incoming piece parts...
Swanson Linear Chassis
Swanson-Erie Corporation (Builders of High Speed Automatic Assembly Machines) Linear Machine Chassis Swanson Precision Link Chassis Dozens of standard link sizes and machine... component accessories Smooth controlled index motions and tool motions Many sizes and cam configurations to suit any application Standard rotary assembly machines with overhead tool plates... length machined top floor base Rotary Machine Chassis Turret sizes from 12" to 20 feet Index accuracies within .001" Heavy duty robust construction Pre-engineered standard...
assembly machines - Swanson-Erie Corporation AGILE ASSEMBLY Today's Look At Tomorrow's Automatic Assembly Machines AGILE ASSEMBLY AS EXPLAINED BY DOUG SWANSON Swanson AGILE... in standardized assembly and production machines. This new system combines the features, functions, and benefits of Swanson's industry standard Precision Link Linear Assembly... ASSEMBLY PLATFORM Products AGILETRAN Application Expansion or contraction to accommodate parts addition, increase in production time/complexity, increases accessibility. Swanson Systems...

Company Profile:

Contact: 814-453-5841
Address: 814 E. 8th St.
Erie, Pennsylvania   16503 , USA
Url: http://www.swanson-erie.com
Fax: 814-455-5109
Year Established: 1919
Annual Sales: US$10 Million - US$50 Million
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