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(603) 821-3092

1 Tara Blvd Ste 102, Nashua, New Hampshire   03062-2809 , USA

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General Info:

qmagiq designs, manufactures, and sells longwave and midwave infrared focal plane arrays imaging in one color or two colors (pixel-registered and simultaneous imagery). a variety of formats and spectral bands are available.

Products & Services:

  • Qwips
  • Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors
  • Irfpas
  • Fpas
  • Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
  • Infrared Detectors
  • Lwir
  • Mwir
  • Vlwir
  • Long Wavelength Infrared
  • Mid Wavelength Infrared
  • Very Long Wavelength Infrared
  • 2 Color Detectors
  • Multi Color Detectors
  • Qdips
  • Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors
  • Night Vision
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Ir Sensors
  • Ir Cameras

Web Site Results

Infared Imaging, QmagiQ Qmagiq is the World Leader in Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) technology. With over 80 years of collective opto-electronic (OE) design..., fabrication and test experience, Qmagiq is the market leader and the world's leading supplier of QWIP Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) with an emphasis on reliable delivery, high performance... and aggressive pricing. Located in Nashua, NH, the Qmagiq team foundation is comprised of Internationally recognized experts, industry pioneers and leaders in QWIP FPA technology. Together we have developed, designed and produced both military and commercial OE devices. ...
QmagiQ - Products, QWIP FPA Focal Plane Arrays|Sensor Engines|Camera Systems Focal Plane Arrays QmagiQ manufactures and sells a variety of standard and custom SLS and QWIP focal.... Below is a short list of some of the standard focal planes QmagiQ offers: Falcon 256: 320x256 FPA, mid-format 1-Color LWIR QWIP, on ISC9705 ROIC Hawk 512: 640x512 FPA, large-format... 1-Color LWIR QWIP, on ISC9803 ROIC Eagle 256: 320x256 FPA, mid-format 2-Color MWIR/LWIR QWIP, on ISC0006 ROIC Custom detector design is available to tailor the response of our...
QmagiQ - Company News 2013 4/30/13 - SPIE Defense and Security Symposium 2013 - Baltimore, MD - Come visit us in Booth #1232. 2/11/13 - QWIPs in space - The launch of Landsat 8... camera system. 2010 4/5/10 - SPIE Defense and Security Symposium 2010 - Demonstrated a 1k x 1k Longwave QWIP Focal Plane and a 320 x 256 Longwave SLS Focal Plane. 2009 4/13/09 - SPIE... - Demonstrated a 2-color lab camera system built around the 320x256 MW-LW QWIP focal plane array and a 320x256 compact camera system built around the Falcon 256 FPA. 2007 4/9/07 - SPIE...
QmagiQ - Technology, QWIP FPA Developed in the mid-1980s in several university and industrial labs, QWIP technology arose from the confluence of bandgap engineering afforded... photovoltaic (PV) or photoconductive (PC) detectors that rely on interband (valence band to conduction band) absorption in semiconductors, QWIPs rely on intersubband absorption... by an applied voltage. QWIPs thus have a sharp spectral response, dictated by the sharpness of the quantized states. A QWIP is the simplest and most striking manifestation of quantum...

Company Profile:

Contact: 603-821-3092
Address: 1 Tara Blvd Ste 102,
Nashua, New Hampshire   03062-2809 , USA
Url: http://www.qmagiq.com
Fax: 603-821-3094
Year Established: 2003
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