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(805) 746-4129

31 Margarita Ave, Camarillo, California   93012-8113 , USA

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General Info:

speedminder is a proven way to enforce speed laws on residential streets, in school zones and highway construction sites. the compact radar speed monitor displays over limit vehicle speed with brilliant flashing red led's and changes to a bright green speed display as drivers slow to legal limit.

Products & Services:

  • Speed Board
  • Traffic Calming
  • Homeowner Association
  • Speedminder
  • Speed Minder
  • Speedbumps
  • Radar
  • Radar Speed Display
  • Radar Speed Board
  • Radar Speed Sign
  • Speed Limit Sign
  • Speed Sign
  • Radar Speed Monitor
  • Speed Sign
  • Traffic Speed Radar
  • Radar Speedboards
  • Radar Sign
  • Traffic Speed Board
  • Slow Down Traffic
  • Speed Bumps
  • Speed Monitor
  • Monitor Speed
  • Speeding
  • Speeding Control
  • Speed Control
  • Self Policing
  • Excessive Speed
  • Speed Bump Alternative
  • Speed Data Collection
  • Ur2fast
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Speed Compliance Monitor
  • Traffic Compliance
  • K Band Radar
  • Private Security Patrol
  • Property Managers
  • Chapter Executive Directors
  • Cai
  • Community Association Institute
  • Pcam
  • Professional Community Association Managers
  • Stalker
  • Dekatur

Web Site Results

and controlled driving. This series includes a dual color LED speed display that flashes red for over speed limit and a steady green sign for legal speeds. It is a twelve volt speed... concerned to control their speed on long drives. This speed monitor also incorporates a rear LCD data panel with touch pad button displays that shows various options... their website and fill an online form that helps them place an order of their particular speed monitor. Speed Minder Technology has certainly changed the ways in which residents of USA control...
monitor with specifications that control high speeding of customers in USA. Specifications to this speed monitor include an internal 12v and 20 amp sealed battery with a charging port... monitor at Speed Minder is an ideal choice for customers who want to control speeding as they travel twenty fours a day. The monitor incorporates photo cells that works and adjusts... that facilitate their need to control speeding. The radar monitor is offered with one year warranty on all its parts and has proven to be a reliable choice for drivers all over the USA...
and view the types of speed monitors they offer. The speed monitors are exclusively built with notifications of a speed sign and a speed minder that helps control speeding. Customers...Speed Sign Speed Sign For customers looking for an efficient speed monitors, Speed Minder offers a range at competitive rates. Customers can visit the website of Speed Minder... can browse the online website created by Speed Minder Technology and select the speed monitors of their requirements. These include Speed Minder series 2, radar speed monitor...
their driving speed under control and obey the traffic safety rules. This speed monitor series is ideal for long as well as short travelling and is built with exclusive specifications...Traffic Safety Traffic Safety For customers living in USA, compliance with traffic safety helps them avoid tickets and achieve a secure driving experience. For this purpose, Speed... Minder Technology has manufactured an exclusive range of speed monitors that are reliable and affordable. In order to purchase the technological variety of speed monitor...
Contact Us : Speeding : Traffic Calming : Traffic Safety : SpeedMinder.net By phone: 805.746- 4129 By fax: 805.482-6798 By mail: SpeedMinder Radar Technology P.O. Box 664 Somis... address Links: GHSA Governors Highway Safety Assn. Phone: 202 789 0942 web: ghsa.org Michigan: Traffic & Safety Control Systems Inc Robert Puhr -Sales Phone: 248 348 0570 fax: 248 3448... - Patent US 7,180,428 B1 Made in USA by SpeedMinder Technology 805.746.4129 Sitemap | Contact Us | Specifications | Image Gallery | Home | Order Speeding | Traffic Safety | Speed Sign | Speed Bumps | Speed Monitor | Traffic Calming | Radar Speed Sign ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 805-746-4129
Address: 31 Margarita Ave,
Camarillo, California   93012-8113 , USA
Url: http://www.speedminder.net
Fax: 804-482-6798
Year Established: 2003
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