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Arvada, Colorado   80007 , USA

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General Info:

air motion systems is the leading north american manufacturer of high-performance uv curing systems, accessories and technology for the printing industry. primary products include the innovative peak uv curing system that delivers flexible ultraviolet curing, uv coating and hybrid uv printing on sheetfed offset and web presses from all leading oems, including kba, komori, mitsubishi, man roland and heidelberg. ams also offers the peak ir infrared and hot air dryer and uv consulting services to help customers achieve the most out of their uv investment.

Products & Services:

  • Uv Curing
  • Uv Curing Systems
  • Uv Dryer
  • Uv Dryers
  • Uv Printing
  • Uv Curing Equipment
  • Uv Curing System
  • Uv System
  • Uv Systems
  • Uv Lamp
  • Uv Coating
  • Uv Coater
  • Uv Coaters
  • Hybrid Uv
  • Uv Varnish
  • Ultraviolet Curing
  • Ultra Violet Curing
  • Uv Light Curing
  • Ir Dryer
  • Infrared Dryer
  • Ir Drying
  • Ir Drying Systems
  • Sheetfed Presses
  • Sheetfed Uv
  • Web Presses
  • Webfed Uv
  • Web Uv Systems
  • Kba Uv
  • Komori Uv
  • Mitsubishi Uv
  • Man Roland Uv
  • Heidelberg Uv
  • Printing Equipment
  • Radiation Curing
  • Uv Retrofit
  • Uv Retrofits
  • Aftermarket Uv Systems

Web Site Results

P3 Web UV System ams > products & services > p3 web uv P3 Web UV The third generation of AMSs award-winning Peak UV Curing System the P3 is a transformational addition to todays... high-speed Web press. AMS Web UV Printing Features The P3 Web UV system offers web printers total UV curing flexibility through a durable, high-performance system that is completely... that a narrow, focused band of UV is required to maximize the cure. Dual-Peak not only provides the dwell time necessary to achieve outstanding cure adhesion at todays press speeds...
P3 UV System ams > products & services > p3 uv P3 UV Curing System The third generation of AMS's award-winning Peak UV Curing System-the P3-respresents an entirely new class of UV... curing. An advanced modular system that is flexible, reliable and easy to use. The P3 UV system incorporates an incredible array of features and characteristics that printers... to introduce Dual Peak (TM) reflector geometry, which allows high-speed curing to take place at up to 45% less power-debunking the myth that a narrow focused brand of UV is required...
Products and Services
for all system types. Lamps are available in medium and short-wave configurations. Our list of miscellaneous UV and IR supplies for improved drying and curing can be accessed here. 2005...Buy Parts Online ams > products & services > parts & accessories AMS exclusive plug-and-play mercury arc lamps certified for use in Peak P2 and P3 UV systems are available... in lengths ranging from half-size to super-wide formats. Replacement shutter reflectors are available to maximize lamp curing efficiency. Our online parts catalog of recommended spares...
LED-UV System ams > products & services > led-uv PEAK LED-UV System The fourth generation of AMSs award-winning Peak UV Curing System PEAK LED-UV represents a transformational... solid-state product for printing, packaging and finishing industries. PEAK LED-UV FEATURES The PEAK LED-UV system brings revolutionary high-power LED UV curing in a compact, solid..., solid-state LED UV curing devices. Most LED UV devices measure radiant power at the chip surface or at the emitter window. PEAK LED-UV measures it at the work surface, which...
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