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Saugus, Massachusetts   01906 , USA

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General Info:

room pressure indicators and alarms for monitoring thedirection of airflow into or out of a room. used in hospitals, labs, prisons, animal facilities, cleanrooms, anywhere you want to see air direction/room pressurization into or out of the room.

Products & Services:

  • Ball In Tube
  • Ball-in-tube
  • Differential Pressure Indicator
  • Negative Room Pressure
  • Room Pressure
  • Pressure Indicator
  • Pressure Monitor
  • Ping Pong Ball

Web Site Results

pressurizations for rooms in a laboratory and Animal Resource Facility. ASHRAE Feb/2003 reprint "ROOM PRESSURE FOR CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTS" Describes the recommended differential... for supply and exhaust airflows in critical rooms such as healthcare isolation and protective rooms. AJIC Paper on Room Pressure/Airflow Direction Indicators Independent article... published in the American Journal of Infection Control evaluating different types of Room Pressure Monitors and Airflow Direction Indicator. TECHNICAL BULLETINS Tech Bulletin-Minimum Room...
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