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(847) 382-2326

1300 South Grove Avenue, Suite 201, Barrington, Illinois   60010-5247 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Datascape
  • Datascapellc
  • Datascape Llc
  • Federal Crop Insurance
  • Usda
  • Nomenclature
  • Plant Nomenclature
  • Horticultural Nomenclature
  • Horticulture

Web Site Results

DataScape - Home DataScape, LLC provides a database of accurate and reliable plant nomenclature and pricing to the horticultural or green industry. DataScape, LLC... is in the process of re-designing the "Guide to Commercial Nomenclature" and is working to make this new and updated version of this unique reference tool available online. The DataScape, LLC... by license to software designers, plant tag manufacturers or others who are interested in accurate plant names. Watch this site for news of future DataScape Guide to Commercial Nomenclature releases! 2012 DataScape, LLC All rights reserved ...
DataScape - Nomenclature Plant names in the DataScape, LLC database are a synthesis of commercial and academic nomenclature. The DataScape nomenclature is used as the basis... accepted names. (For example, Thuja orientalis is now classified under the very different name of Platycladus orientalis.) All invalid botanical names are directed to the correct and current botanical name. 2011 DataScape, LLC All rights reserved ... appearing in the market place and even the most up-to-date and respected reference books often fail to list commercially important cultivars. When the DataScape staff cannot find...

Company Profile:

Contact: 847-382-2326
Address: 1300 South Grove Avenue, Suite 201
Barrington, Illinois   60010-5247 , USA
Url: http://www.datascapellc.com
Fax: 847-382-0236
Year Established: 1995
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