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Website Snapshot of GGB North America, Formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings, Inc.


, Thorofare, New Jersey   08086 , USA

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General Info:

ggb is the world's largest manufacturer of prelubricated and self-lubricating metal-polymer plain bearings in a variety of forms including cylindrical wrapped bushings, flanged bushings, thrust washers and special parts.

Products & Services:

  • Plain Bearings
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Metal-polymer Plain Bearings
  • Dry Material Bearings
  • Lubricated Material Bearings
  • Mesh Material Bearings
  • Solid Polymer Bearings
  • High Temperature Solid Polymer Bearings
  • Fibre-reinforced Thermosetting Plastic
  • Fibre-reinforced Plastic Composite Materials
  • Oil-impregnated Sintered Bronze Bearings
  • Solid Bronze Bushes
  • Mono-metal Bearing
  • Self-aligning Bearing Housings
  • Self-lubricating Bearings
  • Prelubricated Bearings
  • Maintenance-free Bearings
  • Lead-free Plain Bearings
  • Sliding Segments
  • Bushes
  • Bushings

Web Site Results

HistoriesArticles04/08/2013GGB Launches New Self-lubricating Metallic Bearing Materials Heilbronn, Germany, April 8, 2013 GGB Bearing Technology, formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings, now offers two... of high-performance, self-lubricating and relubricated bearings with production facilities in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China. The company serves more than...GGB Launches New Self-lubricating... Home |Site MapProductsApplicationsTechnicalReferenceWheretoBuyNewsArticlesAboutUsContactUsCareersOnlineStoreCurrent NewsCase...
Launches New Self-lubricating Metallic Bearing Materials The Global Leader in High Performance Bearing SolutionsAt GGB we are dedicated to providing our global customers with high... performance bearings.Thanks to our global production and supply network, we are able to offer customers throughout the world the industry's most extensive range of self-lubricating...GGB The global leader in high performance bearing solutions Home |Site MapProductsApplicationsTechnicalReferenceWheretoBuyNewsArticlesAboutUsContactUsCareersOnlineStore23 26 July...
Solid Polymer Bearings
.1965Launched the self-lubricating DX product for greased applications.1970sGlacier licenses technology to a number of overseas bearing manufacturers to pay for further R&D. Licensees....2003Introduced new, lead-free DP31 material for automotive applications; acquisition of Saver North America, a producer of self-lubricating composite bearings; Glacier Garlock... on Mars aboard NASA s Curiosity rover. DTS10 machinable metal-polymer bearings launched in the fluid power and compressor markets. 2013GGB launches new self-lubricating metallic...
-Lubricating Bearings Following Secondary Sizing Adjustment" at the 19th Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue University. Based on extensive testing, they were able to demonstrate... Presents at Compressor Engineering ConferenceGGB's Michael Kim, Yuang Peng and Christopher Small recently made a technical presentation on "The Tribological Performance of Self... that metal-polymer bearings can be resized to tight tolerances for improved compressor efficiency without compromising their tribological performance or longevity. Click to read...
, self-lubricated bearings that comply with the European Parliament's End of Life Vehicles directive on the elimination of hazardous materials in passenger cars and light trucks. We... that manufacture commodity products such as bearings.The time was when this challenge was easily met on the basis of quality. Sure, bearings from Asia were cheap..., but their quality was sub par. Today, bearings manufactured in Asia are still less expensive than those manufactured in the U.S. or Europe. And while the quality of these offshore offerings has...
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