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Aransas Pass, Texas   78336 , USA

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General Info:

our chemical-free 100% organic mosquito repellent and fertilizer.

Products & Services:

  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Guano Gro
  • Mosquito Control
  • Mosquito
  • Fertilizer
  • Organic Fertilizer

Web Site Results

productinfo Our Mosquito Repellent is an all natural DEET FREE product that has evolved from many years of testing. We learned, early on, that our pure Bat Guano, harvested from... the Mexican Free-Tailed, not only provided one of the finest natural fertilizers available but also had the unique quality of repelling the mosquito. For several years we provided... our customers with a combined product (Fertilizer and Mosquito Repellent) in its pure form with great success.After receiving numerous feedback, from our customers, we learned...
Mosquito Repellent and 100% Organic Fertilizer Enjoy the comforts of your backyard without subjecting yourself, your family and friends to the harsh reality of chemical spraying.... Eliminate the need for personally applied repellents. Create a MOSQUITO-FREE - healthier environment - that is 100% Chemical Free. ONE APPLICATION PROTECTS TREATED AREAS FROM... POTENTIAL WEST NILE VIRUS VECTOR MOSQUITOES FOR 30 TO 60 DAYS. We'll save you time and money, while keeping you mosquito FREE ADVANTAGES Our repellent is easy to apply, simply attach...
Guano-Gro Mosquito Repellent and Fertilizer 16oz PLASTIC CONTAINER W/LIDContainer has a screw on lid and includes a measuring cup.Contains 1lb of guano $99.95ADD $6.95 FOR... INTERNET SPECIAL SAVE $5.00 NOW$19.95PLEASE ADD $9.95 FOR SHIPPING 32oz MOSQUITO REPELLENT CONCENTRATESimply SHAKE and add 8 measuring cups (included) to one (1) gallon of water. Perfect... pump.$ 9.95 + $4.00 FOR SHIPPING 1 Gal MOSQUITO REPELLENT CONCENTRATESimply SHAKE and add 8 measuring cups (included) to one (1) gallon of water. Perfect for portable hand pump...
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