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, Lakeland, Florida   33811 , USA

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General Info:

established in 1979, eagle pneumatic, inc. manufactures pneumatic tube systems designed for industrial, retail and commercial applications. eagle pneumatic is a full range manufacturing plant that specializes in the application, engineering, custom design and manufacturing of pneumatic tube systems.

Products & Services:

  • Pneumatic Tube Systems
  • Air Tube System
  • Ticket-delivery
  • Pneumatic Tube System
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Eagle Pneumatic
  • Pneumatic Tube
  • Dispatch Systems
  • Tube Shooter
  • Pneumatic
  • Tubes
  • Carriers
  • Industrial Pneumatic Tubes
  • Commercial Pneumatic Tubes
  • Designing Pneumatic Tube Systems

Web Site Results

-9093 "No-Hub" 6" Coupling Carriers A-9013 3"x9" Carrier includes disc for PVC Tubing *We offer a wide A-9014 3"x12" Carrier includes disc for PVC Tubing variety of carriers. A-9015... 4"x12" Carrier includes disc for PVC Tubing If you can't find A-9016 4"x14" Carrier includes disc for PVC Tubing your part# A-9017 4" Carrier "Clamshell" for PVC Tubing contact us.... A-9018 6"x12" Carrier includes disc for PVC Tubing-New Style A-30004 6"x12" Carrier includes disc for PVC Tubing-Old Style A-9019 6"x12" Carrier includes disc for PVC Tubing...
with Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic options. Both systems will help your organization operate at maximum efficiency, providing high-speed, low impact transport of carrier... to operate the Centrix system Lockout - Disable the send and/or receive function Cancel/Recall - Automatically returns carrier to main station Transaction Counter - Records... the number of transactions between the main station and substations Automatic Diagnostic - Test all operational functions Expandable - up to 6 stations Carriers travel at a speed up to 25...
a single interconnecting tube. Both style stations (type I and II) are manufactured with internal air turbos that push or propel the carrier to the receive station. Pressure-Vacuum... System - Requires power at one end only in a send-receive station called the "power pedestal". The power pedestal moves carriers under pressure in one direction and under vacuum... SYSTEM Semi-Automatic System with microprocessor controlled, single zoned system with one master station sending and receiving carriers from up to 21 substations. Keypad with liquid...
I move in a carrier? A. This would depend on the system. Typically a 3 system can transport 1 pound, a 4 system up to 3 pounds and the 6 system can transport up to 5 pounds. Q.... What distance can you transport the carrier? A. Up to distances of 2000 feet in our 4 systems and 1000 feet in the 3 and 6 systems. Q. How fast does the carrier travel? A. A carrier...
tubes on a daily basis. Installation of a pneumatic tube system saves your company money and time. Eliminating the need for people to transport what can easily fit into a carrier...
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