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, Raleigh, North Carolina   27607 , USA

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General Info:

acoustical consulting services in north carolina, virginia, south carolina

Products & Services:

  • Acoustical Consultants
  • Consultant
  • Architectural
  • Noise Control
  • Industrial Noise
  • Occupational Noise
  • Environmental Noise
  • Community Noise
  • Sound Isolation
  • Acoustical Engineer
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Vibration Control
  • Acoustics
  • Sound

Web Site Results

Stewart Acoustical Consultants - Acousticians - Consultant in... Colonial Hall Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA ACOUSTICS AND NOISE CONTROL BOOKS The following are some books all... believed to be currently in print and available that may be useful in your pursuit of knowledge about acoustics and noise control. Basic and Advanced Acoustics Texts Acoustical... Consulting Practice General Architectural Acoustics Specific Types of Architectural Spaces HVAC Noise & Vibration Control Noise and Acoustical Measurements Handbook Noise Control...
Stewart Acoustical Consultants - Acousticians - Consultant in... Making Our World Sound Better Since 1979 Audio Video by F.C.Schafer consulting, l.l.c. Welcome and thank you... for visiting our Web Site! We provide professional Acoustical Consultant Services including noise control primarily for the architectural, environmental, and industrial workplace... markets. While the majority of our work is in the Carolinas and Virginia, we offer services nationwide. We help architects and engineers create more pleasant and useful environments...
Maddrey, MS, PE JMADD Engineering Vibration Measurement & Analysis Kevin Bengel, PE Alamance Consulting Engineers Environmental Noise Fred Schafer, BS F.C.Schafer consulting..., l.l.c. Audio, Video, Lighting Room Acoustics Field Measurements Mathew George, MSME MMG Acoustical Consultants Room Acoustics HVAC Noise Tim Lavallee, MS, PE Environmental Noise Modeling ...
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