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, Belmont, Massachusetts   02478 , USA

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General Info:

smart software is the innovative leader in enterprise demand forecasting, demand planning, and inventory optimization solutions.

Products & Services:

  • Smart Software
  • Smartforecasts
  • Smartforecast
  • Smart Forecasts
  • Smartcollaborator
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Statistical Forecasting
  • Forecasting Software
  • Demand Planning
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Inventory Planning
  • Intermittent Demand Forecasting
  • Intermittent Demand Planning
  • Collaborative Forecasting
  • Spare Parts Forecasting
  • Service Parts Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Planning

Web Site Results

of its products have intermittent, slow-moving demand and are considered hard to forecast. The Challenge When we started forecasting, we just guessed about what we needed, says... the time, and we have to be prepared to supply them, said Loewer. Since lead time demand forecasts are an important input required by our ERP system, our inability in the past to provide... that was more efficient and could provide better inventory and production planning information. In 2002, Sonnax started to look for a better demand forecasting and planning solution. Because...
. "Smarter Inventory Management"Montreal Transit Corporation s lead demand planner reviewed SmartForecasts, a demand forecasting, planning, and inventory optimization software... intermittent demand forecasting capability in solving Prevost's forecasting and safety stock estimation problems. "Sweet Spot: The relationship between forecasting and optimal stocking.... "Get Real: A New Way to Forecast Intermittent Demand"Read how the Smart-Willemain Bootstrapping method for intermittent and lumpy demand more accurately forecasts optimal inventory...
Welcome to Smart Software: SmartForecasts Sales and Demand Forecasting,... info@smartcorp.com 800-762-7899 HomeSite MapSupport Login Company | Solutions | Products & Services... | Customers | Partners | News & Events | Blog | Contact Us Smart Software is the innovative leader in enterprise demand forecasting, planning, and inventory optimization. Our... service parts inventories or manufacture high-priced capital goods, you probably have intermittent, slow-moving demand. SmartForecasts patented intermittent demand forecasting...
SmartForecasts' Intermittent Demand Forecasting to Set Accurate Inventory Levels Bedoukian Research, Inc., located in Danbury, Connecticut, is a specialized process manufacturer producing... that are hard to forecast. Bedoukian Research bought its first copy of SmartForecasts in 1987 and used it to forecast products with high volume demand. However, it wasn't until Smart... Software made available its intermittent demand forecasting capabilities that Bedoukian was able to achieve the level of forecasting accuracy it wanted in predicting its hard...
-moving demand. In order to maintain high service levels and reduce his total inventory at the same time, Bollier needed better forecasting and planning tools to help him figure out... in production planning were cumbersome and inadequate for the task. For this reason, Niagara Cutter didn't forecast very often, and when it did, there was no rigorous demand analysis... new, patented technology to accurately forecast intermittent demand. Intermittent demand occurs where there are few, if any, identifiable patterns in the demand history...
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