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(641) 797-2269

315 S 1st St, Fertile, Iowa   50434 , USA

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General Info:

Plastic Injection Molding specializing in custom injection molding. Filling your product needs in the areas of Hot stamping, assembley, sonic welding, milling, drilling, machining and painting.

Products & Services:

  • Plastics - Injection Molded

Web Site Results

Equipment - Plastic Injection Molders Equipment List Primary 500 ton 350 ton 200 ton 150 ton Secondary Hot Stamp Drill Press Punch Press Sonic Welder Heat Sealer Chiller Mold... Heaters Air Conditioner Cooling Towers Grinders< Hopper Loaders Computers Fork Trucks Air Compressers Home Custom Parts Product Line Equipment About Us Contact Us 2013 Plastic Injection Molders 2013 Plastic Injection Molders ...
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