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Website Snapshot of JM Hot Testing & Component Testing


(734) 893-6100

25201 Brest Rd., Taylor, Michigan   48180 , USA

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General Info:

Johnson Matthey Testing offers high or low volume 'end of line' production engine hot testing, engine dynamometer testing and component testing.

Products & Services:

  • Testing & Data Acquisition Services For Automotive
  • Heavy Diesel & Light Diesel Engines. Services Include Catalyst Aging
  • Environmental Chamber Testing
  • Backfire Testing
  • Belt Alignment & Durability More... Testing
  • Drop Testing
  • Dynamic Friction Testing
  • Pulley Bearing Testing
  • Transmission & Diesel & Gasoline Emissions Analysis. Equipment Is Capable Of Running Most Fuel. Other Capabilities Include In-house Fabrication
  • Engineering & Electronics Support. A2la Certified.
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